A Non-Denominational Christ Centered Ministry.

A Not for Profit 501(c)(3)#82-4097799 Ministry! 

Christ-Zone utilizes the Bible and Biblical Scriptures only!

Christ-Zone offers peace, grace and blessings earned through the redemptive blood shed on the cross by Christ Jesus.

Even the cross was too heavy for Christ to carry and we do not have to carry our burdens alone. Christ-Zone can put you into a space that allows your humiliation to become glory. Christ-Zone offers you the peace and blessings that you have inherited through the work of Christ accomplished at Calvary. Let go of all of your pain and burdens and give them to Christ! He will take them and give them back to you in a way that you can handle them because we are not alone and cannot do everything ourselves. We must allow space for the Holy Spirit to move within our daily actions to find the Zone of Christ. 

Become renewed and washed clean through the redemptive blood of Christ!

Every drop of blood that was spilled at Calvary fertilized the soil of our lives. The seeds were planted, the roots were grown, and the harvest prepared the shoots to sprout and grow so abundantly that we would become like a light house for the world to be drawn to. Our light will shine so bright that the world would only be able to see the glory of Christ Jesus through our actions of love that help heal the sickness of racism and hate, while replacing it with equality, grace and love!

Donate for the betterment of the world.

Every donation will be used to facilitate our at home ministry. We will go to peoples' homes who cannot go to church because of age, sickness, poverty, or any other reason. We have created a website of sermons and prayers that offer peace and grace for the sick and healthy to have true spiritual healing through the blood of Christ. Your generous donations will also help facilitate a sports ministry that will reach the youth through soccer. We will be implementing biblical principles into every move they are coached. This sports ministry will help change the world through their spiritual actions.

Help Our Cause

Your  support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and deliver the Word of God to all. Your generous donation will fund our mission. Our number one mission at Christ-Zone is to start an at home ministry where we go to  homes of individuals who can't get out to go to a physical church site.  For example, I have a great new friend, Kathleen, who goes to my church who has physical limitations. It takes her about six hours for the whole process of getting ready, going to and from church, and then back home and settled in. She only lives a half an hour away from the church in an adult care nursing home. 

Here is what she has to do to make it to church  Sunday morning: she has to be taken out of her bed as she is fully  paralyzed, then she gets help to get showered and dressed up for church.  She then gets helped into her wheel chair. A specially equipped van drives her to church. Once she arrives at church, the driver safely gets her out of the van and into the church. She deliberately arrives early so she doesn't make a scene as she is wheeled up to the front of the church so she can see and hear the pastor clearly. 

After the sermon is complete and the final song is sung, the pastor delivers the Benediction and closes the service. She then waits for the congregation to leave so she can be wheeled out of the church. She gets wheeled out into the van and driven back to her nursing home. This six hour journey has allowed her to enjoy a one hour church service. 

Now, since we are in the middle of winter here in Chicago, she can't bare the burden of her journey that she must endure in the freezing cold weather to get to church, so sadly, she has has to miss out. This is where your generosity is desperately needed. will take the church to her. 

In Matthew  18:20 it reads: "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”  This is the number one goal with -  to create an authentic and spiritual worship service to the ones who can't get to church. Your donations are desperately needed. 

Your generous support will provide the opportunity for me and other pastors to visit individuals nationwide. would like the opportunity to partner up with Bible Based Christian churches everywhere.  Any amount that you provide, by simply  clicking on the donation button below, will bless Christians in every way. Please consider donating to today for the Kingdom of Christ to flourish!

In addition to an at home ministry, will provide an on-line ministry through this website that people can view daily. We will provide a  series of  five-minute sermons to help individuals become closer to God. 

Finally, hopes to create a sports ministry for youth athletes. The goal is to bring the Word of God to youths in an athletic setting. We plan to provide camps and scholarships for individuals who otherwise couldn’t participate.


Thank you for for your donations and continued support. 

Word to the Father, Christ Jesus. 

Pastor Chris

Please help our at home ministry!'s Goal is use your donations to facilitate our at home ministry where we go to the sick, the elderly, and the shut-ins that can't make it to a physical Church for worship. We are within the Chicago-land area and will personally visit each person that needs to worship at home in this area. However, we wish to start a nationwide at home ministry. We want to start a network where we have Pastors affiliated with and people can email our at home ministry prayer request and we can send Pastors to their home any where in the nation. Every donation will help this cause, so please consider donating any amount!

We are here for you! Please email your prayer request.

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