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We want to use Soccer to promote the blood of Christ

Help Kids play Soccer

Soccer is a great sport that promotes balance, physical ability, cognitive learning, field awareness and the ability to interact with others within a space that is positive and fun! Soccer will help every future sport that your child wishes to play as it creates a foundation that will bleed over into any sport!  If they do not choose to play soccer in the future one could look back and realize that some of those successes may have been caused by the foundation of skills that were created through the Christ-Zone Ministry. Every session that will be constructed by the Christ-Zone ministry would include fun soccer skills, agility, techniques, and fun games while implementing biblical principles into each session that will be simple and easy to learn.  Each lesson will include a specific soccer skill and technique and a specific cool Biblical lesson.  For example Christ Jesus said the second most important law in the 10 Commandments was to love your neighbor as you love yourself and we will teach children that they are not competitors with each other as much as they are to be companions with each other and they are to love each other as they would love themselves and treat each other with respect, honor, and dignity just as they would want to be treated while having fun and competing and playing soccer! Your generous donations will help these individuals to play for free and expand their Christian ethics while creating a foundation of athletic ability that will last forever!

Your donations will help the children of the world with the Christ—Zone Sports Ministry

We want to help children play soccer that the parents do not have the funds to pay for that opportunity. Your donation will be used to fund children play competitive soccer or even create a scholarship for them to go to school to play soccer as a youth. Every dollar that you donate will be utilized .

Please consider to donate today to help facilitate the Christ – Zone sports ministry!

When you donate to Christ-Zone we will utilize your donation in every way possible to get the greatest coaches, the greatest fields, the greatest indoor sports facilities, the greatest equipment possible, and the greatest Bible studies that will help the youth of the world change  athletically and spiritually for the will of the Kingdom of Christ!

My Youngest Son scores a goal the last game he could play in

My son was suffering from Perthes Disease when he scored. Perthes is a hip degeneration disease in children which occurs in their youth. Perthes happens for no reason. My son is only 10 years old, so please keep him in your prayers for full recovery. During this shot he was missing almost an inch of bone however he was cleared to play by his orthopedic. He was reevaluated and they figured out he had Perthes. Our mission at C-Z is to use funds to help kids when insurance won’t or with the co-pay.