Northern Theological Baptist Seminary Graduate

Father of Taylor, Brendan, and Brayden!

Hello, I am Christopher Hines pictured here with my greatest accomplishments- my three sons!

Pastor Chris Hines

I am a highly favored and completely blessed pastor starting an at home ministry, my team of pastors and I will come to your house to pray and worship with you in order to fulfill your walk with Christ Jesus in the comfort and convenience of your home. We are also an internet Church that allows one to worship Christ Jesus from the peaceful presence from wherever you may be. Finally, is a Sports Ministry that will utilize donations to provide fun soccer sessions while creating scholarships for youth athletes to play soccer who are unable to pay because of financial constraints. This web site is set up to complete all three goals for free for the end user by the support of our financial providers that believe in and want to be a part of our mission through the redemptive blood of Christ Jesus.

This is a bible based, Christ centered non-denominational website that offers peace and blessings through our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. Word to the Father!

I currently serve in Women's, Men's and Children's Ministries at Chapel Street Church in Geneva Illinois and am currently starting this Church website to serve the world through the blood of Christ as He called me to His Kingdom 5 year ago.