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Why ‘Pivot Point’?   The dictionary definition is: “a point, shaft, etc. on which something turns; A person or thing on which something turns or depends.”   This meaning suggests two things to me… First, a pivot is a point, position, belief or stance     around which other things turn,  depend. and rotate.  Secondly, the stability offered by the secure pivot point allows free  movement which  provides a person or object with the  ability to change direction at any given time.


God made  humans different from animals………He made us in His own image, He gave us a soul which made us spiritual beings, He gave us the capacity to think in a rational manner,  and the ability to make decisions.  If our pivot point is anchored in Jesus Christ, the decisions we make will, most likely,  take us in the direction God wants us to go.  Since we are not perfect, we will no doubt make some wrong turns in life, but Christ will bring us back to our ‘Pivot Point’, namely, to Himself.




Over the past 10 years I have become very burdened for our country, our liberties, our freedoms and our future.  Yes, I am a Christian and I realize that, we as individuals and Americans, as a whole, are in God’s hands. I do, however, also believe that as a Christian I have a responsibility to, not only pray, but to do what I can to further the cause of Christ, Christianity, and freedom.


That is the purpose of, 'Pivot Point'.


In my opinion, Christianity is multi-faceted. Christians, should not only be active in church and Sunday School, but, should also be involved in many other facets of our society, such as in civic affairs, government and politics.  Why should we, as Christians turnover our world and its issues to non-christians.  Civic affairs, government and political matters have all to do with the freedom we enjoy here in the United States. After all, that is the reason our country was founded.......FREEDOM!




What Brought Them Here?



Our country was settled by people looking for freedom.  They wanted freedom to worship as they pleased, as well as, economic freedom and the opportunities offered by free trade and entrepreneurship.


They knew that when they arrived here, they would be ‘starting from scratch.’  Homes, stores, trading posts, churches and entire towns would have to be built, but they were not afraid of work.  It was their work ethic, their desire for freedom, and their dependency on God that enabled them to pursue a new way of life in a new country that would later be called, The United States of America.


A Little Bit of History


For centuries the monarchs in Europe were noted for persecuting thousands of people because of their religious beliefs.  This was particularly true of England who was very involved with ‘weeding out’ those whom they considered ‘heretics’.  In 1528 the Church of England was committed to the Roman Catholic Church and considered Protestants heretics.  In 1549, under King Edward VI , England’s civil and legislative control over matters of religion was brought to the forefront by  the ‘Act of Uniformity’, in which the King appointed the Archbishop of Canterbury to  draw up, make and implement one uniform religious order and rite (ceremonial act or observance in accordance with a prescribed rule)  laying out for the common man what the King’s realm considered the proper (and compulsory) way to pray and administer the sacraments.


Regardless of whether or not the ‘Crown’ was Anglican or Catholic, each king or queen to take over the rule,  would  attempt to impose his or her power over England’s citizens.


Many groups called ‘Separatists’, such as Mennonites and Baptists, rejected the idea of a national church. They instead, called for an:


“apostolic precept and example required the formation of local churches absolutely independent one of another, and that each local body should be a pure democracy, each member being a truly regenerate believer and all having absolutely equal rights and privileges, the only headship belonging to the Lord Jesus Christ”.


This defined the disagreement between Protestants and the ‘Crown’, as well as, between Protestants and Catholics and classified these believers as dissenters which, in turn, exposed them to political authority and persecution.





Throughout history people have realized that ‘freedom’ is a very precious and essential concept to be desired………one for which they were willing to fight and die.


If they were being persecuted, their fight was to obtain freedom. If they already had ‘freedom’, their fight was to   keep and maintain the freedom they had.


This is the precept on which our country was settled, and developed.  Our Founding Fathers believed that ‘freedom’ was given to us by God  and was so important and essential to mankind that they wrote these  words in the Declaration of Independence,


       “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable  rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”